Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Samadhi at Three Paces
I dipped into a Peet's two Fridays ago for a pre-practice double-banger of espresso. In the three paces between the front door and the counter, nirvikalpa samadhi arose, and I disappeared into that timeless gap between thoughts. The conscious brain, the I-maker, the ahamkara, as it’s called, scrabbled for purchase, dug in its heels, and did what it does best — that is, think — and so, facing the counterperson, I thought, "Wow! I am experiencing a moment of pure timelessness and formlessness!"

Which meant that at that point, of course, I wasn't.

The irony being I then went to practice the yoga.

The yoga will not create or bring about such moments, but in my case, at least, it has refined my ability to recognize such moments when they arise, and further refine the tools, techniques and skills that allow one to pay attention to those moments for longer and longer.

The irony, in this instance, is that there is no “one” paying attention to any “thing.” Words are just too slippery for descriptions.

You will doubtless be pleased to know, too, that it was a strong, hearty espresso, one which did most of the work of the practice for me.