Monday, January 21, 2013


I know you love your child and/or children.

They're terrific, exciting, and interesting beings, who demand a lot of you.

However they are not anchors, mill-stones, or albatrosses around your neck.

They are not burdens, inflictions, or obstacles.

I have an 8-year-old daughter and (in less than 2 weeks) a newborn boy.

I could also bore you with the number of women who travel long distance, leaving their one or two children at home, in order to practice morning Mysore.

Every day.

These women, and my wife and I, and our countless friends, manage to practice daily because this  is important enough to us to get it done.

However, I know first-hand that it's difficult --- to juggle schedules, yours and your partners (if you have one), to get up that early, to perhaps even sacrifice a 2-hour practice for a shorter one ---

It takes effort and determination.

This effort and determination can only rest on passion for this style of practice.

If you don't have the spark, you don't have the spark.

So quit short-changing your kids.

We're both adults here. We can both recognize a bullshit excuse when we hear one.

Just say, "Meh --- I'm just not that into it."