Friday, January 6, 2012


Where to begin with this one?

 1. I don't know Briony, but she is a marketing genius. This definitely one-ups Kathryn "Naked Yogini" Budig.

 2. Setting aside the amount of ass on display in this video, she is a perfect illustration of why it's more advantageous to have short legs when doing your pressing to handstand.

 3. She is beautiful, she moves (mostly) with grace and fluidity (some arm bending, some falling and not lowering (she needs to practice more), but still, the panties make it forgivable). I can dig that.

 4. Porn set hotel location?

 5. Who or what the fuck is Equinox? A yoga studio? A gym? Spa? Resort? I am unclear.

 6. The comments section reaffirms my faith in the random and rabid hilarity of people everywhere. My favorie comment: "Boner achieved." Which leads me to point seven ...

 7. Haters gon hate.

8. Reminds me strongly of Krishnamacharya's approach to promoting Yoga in the '30's and 40's — the parlor tricks and showmanship — he directly referred to it as "propaganda" and it used to be contortionist poses and fakir-like heart-stopping, also entombment — now it's cute women in sexy attire. Get 'em in the door!