Monday, February 11, 2008

We Made It
The journey was long --- so very, very long --- but uneventful. Rowan went on blackout during a huge chunk of the NYC-to-Mumbai leg and I became ensnared in a little game called "Bookworm" that I played on the TV mounted in the seat in front of me. In-flight TVs are absolutely frigging genius --- the kid watched Spongebob, Hannah Montana and sundry other Time Eaters and Tear Preventers.

Got a bit of the hotel runaround trying to book lodging in Mumbai, and had a Layover: The Extended Remix before flying out to Goa the following day. Goa is trippy --- very spread out, but very Indian in that when there are towns or villages, they're incredibly densely packed. There are several beaches up and down the coast, and we're still trying to sort out which nationality runs what beach. But hey, don't be fooled --- we're still very much in India.

Jet Lag

The kid has been holding up very well, but the Lag means she runs from zero to meltdown in perhaps 45 seconds flat. She also fell asleep face down on the scooter speedometer yesterday, mid-scooter ride, which I didn't actually believe possible until I saw it happen. Jet lag to a 4-year-old looks a lot like narcolepsy.

I just got to give a big shout-out to all the Brits, Kiwis and Aussies out here in Goa --- you know, us Americans get all the credit for being the fattest fucks on the planet, so lemme just say I'm glad to see you people holding it down lovely! It brings me such a thrill to see you people trundling around shops and restaurants, sun-burned bellies pouring over your hastily purchased fisherman pants, sucking down frightening quantities of lager, chips, and especially chicken curry.

Yoga with Rolf?

Day one: flying.