Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Hibernation Sickness
I haven't stayed awake for 24 hours straight since my mid-teenage years, which was probably the result of the last illegal warehouse party (i.e. "rave") that I attended --- I haven't been to a concert, show or gala event yet that at some point wasn't improved by me going home and falling asleep in my warm jammies and soft bed. Suffice it to say, seeing as how I haven't trained for the all-nighters, my post-all-nighter performance since December 21 hasn't been great.

Let's heap on top of that all-nighter a week straight of 3- to 5-hour hammer-and-nails bike rides, the yoga, as well as all the holiday shenanigans --- the last, might I add, also greatly improved when I quietly nod off in the corner. Let's also throw into the mix a couple glasses of wine on a late-night New Year's Eve, more early-morning yoga, and of course more bike riding, and what do you get? Yesterday I took a nice, fat coma. It started at about 3:30 p.m. and I came out of it at 5:45 this morning. If I hadn't had a class to teach I swear I coulda kept going, too.

I went a little over the top with the rajas, which burned everything out and left me entirely too tamasic, which I suppose is the risk when you're perpetually vata deranged. Where has all my ojas gone? Anyway, since my physical vessel informed me it was time to slow down by inducing a short bout of hibernation, I feel much, much better. It's these little moments, such as being frozen by Vader in carbonite, that allow one the time to re-evaluate and re-establish one's schedule and habits and fix accordingly.