Monday, August 21, 2006

A Peripatetic Yoga Teacher’s Backpack

Tiger Balm
Soothes the aches.

Eases the pains.

Secret-brand Deodorant
Masks the coffee-sweat smell; also, clogs pores and cause Alzheimer’s.

Feuerstein’s Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras
The book you refer to students.

The Ultimate X-Men, Volume 4
The book you are reading; a hardback compilation of Ultimate X-Men 34–45.

Banana, Promax Bar, One Liter of Water
Lunch. (Honey peanut crunch is best, but cookies ‘n’ cream will do in a pinch.)

Clipse We Got it 4 Free, Volume 2, Thom Yorke Eraser, Lil Wayne Dedication 2
Car-ride iPod.

Krishna Das Door of Faith, DJ Cheb I Sabbah Sri Durga, Hari Chaurasia
Savasana CD; crack-rap is not widely accepted savasana music, but should be.

Ekam, Inhale, Dve, Exhale
So it goes.