Wednesday, August 10, 2005

New Espresso Bean of Choice
Giro d'Italia

Not Washing the Stove-top Espresso Maker
Apparently the bacteria build-up adds to the flavor.

The New "Battlestar Galactica"
The mini-series and entire first season on DVD for $40 at San Diego Comic-con. O Lord, you are a just and benevolent God.

Downloading Limewire Porn Clips
I'm perfectly sure I don't know what you're talking about.

Mysore Packing Strategy
One backpack filled with clothes, toiletries, stove-top espresso maker, and other essentials. One steamer trunk filled with books.



Summer Weekend in Milwaukee
It really seems to be true: Americans are lard-asses!

Saying Goodbye to Grandma for Maybe the Last Time
Breathing, breathing. Pain is going.

My Buddhist Friend Said, "Would You Be Sad to See a Sunset?"
No. But that does nothing for the lump of grief in my chest.

The Baby Cries in the Other Room
So it goes.