Wednesday, April 6, 2005

I probably shouldn't have written about baddha konasana---because now the slim progress I've made will slip away again as my hips tighten like a fist. The Greeks called it hubris.

I was surfing Richard Freeman's website yesterday (don't ask why) and saw that he's written four (FOUR!) pages, using 9-point-sized font, on the subject of baddha konasana. Wow.

Here's a small sign of insanity for you. In my defense, keep in mind this was years ago. I went to Home Depot and bought two empty plastic sandbags for fifty cents each. Next, I walked down to the beach and filled 'em with sand so I had two 25-pound home-made sandbags.

I would get up an hour before practice and watch The Weather Channel with a sandbag on each thigh.

Every morning I would think, "Dear god, when will this nightmare stop?"

And because I was watching The Weather Channel, I would also think, "Dear Jesus, it's cold in other parts of the country!"