Friday, April 29, 2005

Back from the Rotten, tightened hip flexors, tweaked knee and all.

New Yorkers are a savage people. They don't use cars! Often they don't use escalators or even elevators!

Like our nomadic Stone Age forebears, they walk, run, and jog everywhere---on foot.

I remain horrified.

We steady mobbed to LA this weekend to say goodbye to Noah and Kimberley. Like waves on a sandy shore, friendships and acquaintances swell and recede.

It would seem the Los Angeles ashtanga community has been roundly hammered in the last month, as in addition to Noah's and Kim's departure, Chuck and Maty are also departing the city.

Would now be an appropriate time to reflect on how thankful I am that Tim Miller has seen fit to show up at the studio every morning and unlock the shala door for the past 20-something years?

Well, now he's unlocking the door to the Sandcastle Room, but you get my drift.

If you head to LA, don't fear---the lovely Maia has stepped in to run morning Mysore until mid-June for the students at Noah's and Kim's.

Otherwise they all would have had to switch to Bikram's. Hah!

There seems to be a post-Guruji-tour fever of India trips in the works.

Tons of people are packing up their Western lives, putting their affairs in (semi) order, and lighting out for Mysore this summer. And god help me, I'll be one of 'em.